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ResNeXt follows a simple concept of ‘divide and conquer’. ResNeXt is often referred to as the Extended version of the ‘ResNet’. Some of its important applications are in the field of Biomedical Engineering department and especially in the Bioimaging department. Here, I am going to explore the “making of ResNeXt: from scratch.”

Modules: PyTorch, CUDA (Optional)

If you are confused about how to install PyTorch in your system, then you might want to check out this link here. It would help you! Moving forward…


ResNeXt architecture is quite similar to that of the ResNet architecture. If you want to know…

CNN architectures are some of the important forms of analyzing images and video-graphics materials. Some of the important applications of the same can be noticed in the Biomedical Engineering department as well, especially in the BioImaging section. As per the literature review, a lot of such CNN architectures have been devised out and have been implemented to study the detection of abnormalities in the human body. Here, I am going to explore the “making of ResNet: from scratch”

Modules: PyTorch, Cuda (optional)

If you are confused about how to install PyTorch in your system then you might want to check…

The future of AI is the understanding of human emotions at the pinnacle and mimicking the circumstances that might lead to similar reactions. Well, ‘Lucy’ was able to access 100% of her brain powers but we are normal human beings away from the circumstances of induced hyper-memory from drugs!! How can we upload minds then? There can be a lot of questions regarding the same. ‘Minds’ is a word that can be expanded in every possible domain of study and experimentation and hence they refer to the definition of ‘mind’ quite different from each other.

Some sources say that Cyborgs…

Deep Learning

Agriculture is the backbone of human civilization and ever since human intelligence came out in the form of robotics, the possibilities in the agriculture domain of increased exponentially and with AI now powering every segment of the technical and non-technical domains, the applications now reached new heights. Researchers are coming out with new ideas and methods to incorporate some of the necessary changes in the domain. One such is the introduction of ‘Deep-Way’. Let’s dive into a journey of deep learning segment, that would address some of the important measures in the agricultural field.

One of the earlier processes to…

Well, SVM is not a new name in the world of Machine Learning. From beginners to professionals, everyone is a fan of this classification module. Because of its extensive fitting modules and flexibility, it rules in the hearts of several machine learning enthusiasts and data scientists. But wait, did you know what happened inside?

Okay, I am going to show you how to CODE the SVM. There are plenty of videos and websites showing the complex mathematics behind the functioning of the SVM. It’s pretty complicated, right? Well, we will see about that…

Know the modules??

There are some important…

This study would provide the exact implementation of the original research paper of UNet, published in the not-so-secret archives of arXiv. Every AI enthusiast know the usages of CNN into their models and how they actually perform with their versatile applications. But this is something different. Here we would be using the CNN layer over another layer. And again. And again. This process is expected to continue till there are 23 layers of implementations done to process the data.

Literature Review:

U-Net architecture as defined on the research paper

The above shown diagram looks quite confusing but the code isn’t and is easily applicable. …

Air Pollution has been an area of concern for the modern world and the topic of global warming has raised quite a lot of controversy with several facts and figures. Overall, air pollution causes the deaths of around 7 Million people worldwide each year, and is one of the world’s largest single environmental risk. Productivity losses and degraded quality of life caused by air pollution are estimated to cost the world economy around $5 trillion per year.

Mathematically speaking, it has been observed that the trends in air pollution are quite similar for a particular place, considering a particular time-frame…

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